Ready to Switch? is Peterborough City Council’s collective switching scheme. It was launched in November 2012 to save people money on their energy bills. Ready to Switch? uses the combined buying power of residents and businesses across our community to negotiate cheaper prices with energy companies, which then increases the individual savings available. To date, hundreds of households have switched to save on gas and electricity, with some reducing annual bills by nearly £150. Read more about previous rounds and the savings made.

Register now - you’ll need your latest energy bill, contact details and information on how much energy you use.

The process:

  • The public have a set period of time to register for each round of Ready to Switch? The combined energy that all registered households use is calculated.
  • Once registration has closed an auction is held and energy providers bid to supply energy to all households that have registered. The lowest bid for each type of tariff wins.
  • Offers are then sent out telling households exactly how much money they could save and they have a further set period of time to decide whether to make the final switch or not.

The more people who register, the bigger the potential savings, so Peterborough City Council is working with 11 other council areas throughout the UK on Ready to Switch? to increase overall bargaining power.

Want to get in on the next Ready to Switch Auction? It’s quick, easy and hassle free. You can register now with no obligation here or by calling (01733) 747474.